Proactive, Preventative and Reactive.

Do not make the same mistakes as others.


Effective project management is required to complete any renovation project. Just because you hire a  cheap contractor doesn’t mean your project will be effectively coordinated. It’s critical that the renovation is handled in the proper order and you establish a realistic timeline. In this business time is money and time can eat at your profit very quickly especially if your carrying costs are high. Don't let the unexpected happen!

Rental Property Preventative Maintenance.

There is one thing you can do to protect your investment, create assurance that your asset will not have catastrophic surprises when a tenant moves out. Hire a professional and dependable property maintenance company. STOP waiting for your property managers to say they have a problem. Hire a professional to be proactive in repairs and preserve your investments.

Need a new approach to rent-ready?

Contact us today for fast turn around and a comprehensive approach to your sense of urgency. Handyman Solutions can and will deploy a team to cover all issues that may be present with cost effective home repairs. We cover all cosmetic, structural, plumbing and electrical repairs in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Chesapeake and Portsmouth areas. Don't wait for that uh oh moment.

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